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Stucco: The other cement

What is Stucco?
Stucco is cement made of ground limestone, sand and water that dates back to ancient times. It can be applied internally and externally on most surfaces, and it can be shaped and custom designed for durable decorative results. Ancient Roman and Egyptian palaces were known to be constructed and accented with stucco made from marble dust instead of lime. 

professional stucco repairInterior Designs – A common use of stucco is for fireplaces, bathrooms and basements because of its pliable texture prior to drying. It can also be colored to match any interior décor or can coat and repair ceilings and walls.

local drywall repairsExterior Applications – Stucco makes a great choice for decorative exterior decks and gazebos or to accent exterior windows, walls, pillars, steps, closed decks and much more. Wherever your imagination takes you, we can go.

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