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Call us for all your interior and exterior plastering needs.

What is Plaster?
Similar to stucco, plaster starts off as powder (lime or cement) and is mixed with water to form a heavy paste. It is commonly used as a finishing material rather than a decorative or moldable material because of its light and brittle texture after drying. Unlike stucco, it is mostly used as a sealant for seams between concrete and drywall as well as an exterior coating before painting. Its use also dates back to ancient times.

cement plastering repairs

Whether you need to patch a hole in your garage drywall or you’re installing cement tiles, Julius Schnurr & Sons are specialists when it comes to plaster work. We’ve come to the rescue for homeowners with holes in their garage walls and assisted dozens of business owners with flood damage.

Call Julius Schnurr & Sons today at 502-585-2967 or email us to for more information about how we can assist you with your repairs or maintenance needs.

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